hey, wanna go to denver today?

10:00 am – Hey, wanna go to Denver today around 2?

10:05 am – Sure, why not?

And so began a whirlwind, less than 24-hour long trip to the Mile High City.  I had never been to Denver before, and neither had my fearless travel buddy, but after looking up the weather forecast for Saturday (high of 42!), we packed our fleece jackets and headed north.

After two short flights (DAL to TUL to DEN), we stepped off the plane and in to downright chilly weather.  Which, after a summer packed with triple-digit days, was nothing short of amazing.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see my breath.  Ever.

I wish I had tons of tourist tips to share with you, but since I spent a total of about 4 hours in the city, I only have a few suggestions:

  • The 16th Street Mall is adorable.  It’s a pedestrian walkway lined with restaurants, quirky memorabilia stores, and even a Southwest Airlines porch.  Pedi-cabs transport tired tourists from one end of the strip to the other.  (And trust me…  If you’re not used to altitude and you’re as out of shape as I currently am, those pedi-cabs will look VERY tempting after about a mile of walking.)
  • We had dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery.   It had great ambiance, pretty reasonable prices, and, as you’d expect from a brewery, delicious beer.  Try the jalapeno cheese dip.
  • Go to the Rockies.  Seriously.  They taunted us the entire time we were in the city because we didn’t have enough time to trek out there.  Rest assured that next time I travel to Denver, my first stop will be the mountains.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I absolutely loved Denver.  The weather was beautiful, the mountains are RIGHT THERE, and walking through the city feels a bit like walking through a storybook.   I can’t wait to go back soon and spend more time there.  Now if only I knew how to ski…

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why, hello there!

Hey, y’all!

In Texas we have a saying that goes a little something like this:

“I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!”

That’s my story.  I grew up in Texas, and despite countless efforts to convince myself I wanted out, I just accepted (my very first!) full-time job at Southwest Airlines, based in…  guess where?  The Dallas area.  Looks like I’ll be sticking around for a while.

Despite my love for all things Tejas, I love to explore new places.  I was bitten by the travel bug in spring 2010, when I spent a semester in Paris, France.  Now, as an airline employee, I’ll have the opportunity to fly for free (or at very discounted rates), so I’m planning on taking full advantage and traveling as much as possible.

In this blog, I’ll chronicle my travels.  I’ll show you where I’ve been and where I dream of going.  We’ll eat together, and we’ll play together.  I’m excited to have you all as travel buddies!

Oh the places we’ll go…

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