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city of lights, part three: bike tour

I have a confession to make.

I’m obsessed with bike tours.

Think about it: the wind in your hair, a knowledgeable (and in this case, Scottish!) guide, pain-free feet…  In my humble opinion, bike tours are the very best way to see and experience a new city, big or small.

Case and point: the Fat Tire Bike Tours Monet’s Gardens Tour.

Giverny (via Vernon) is a short 45 minute train ride from Paris’ Gare St. Lazare, and my oh my is it WORTH THE TRIP.  Sitting here on my couch in Dallas, I’m at a loss for words to describe the beauty and the… purity and the “fraîcheur” of the French countryside.

After a picnic “à la française” (consisting, of course, of bread, cheese, pastry, and cider), we hopped on our bikes and, led by our fearless leader, Dave, headed for Monet’s estate at Giverny.

Giverny is… paradise.  If I could describe my dream home, it would look (and smell!) a lot like the estate Monet designed for himself.  It’s colorful, it’s inspiring… it’s truly unlike any other place I’ve visited.  We started our tour in the waterlily garden, where Monet painted hundreds of his iconic “Nymphaes.”  I could almost feel his presence there–it’s so easy to see why he was awestruck by the wild beauty of the water, the vines, and the flowers.

I was thrilled to have a chance to walk through the pastel-colored interiors of Monet’s home and see what he saw through his bedroom window–a painting in and of itself.  Drop dead beautiful, seriously.

So without further ado (and because I’m realizing that my words are inadequate to describe this wonderful place), here are a few of the many, many photos I took in Giverny:

the famous water lily garden

Giverny?  Definitely worth the trip.  Fat Tire Bike Tours?  Awesome.  Truly a wonderful day, y’all.  Wonderful.

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